Melissa Hogenboom is a multi award-winning science journalist, film-maker and editor at the BBC where she launched and leads the documentary site BBC Reel. She is writing her first book, The Motherhood Complex – released in May 2021 by Piatkus, Litte, Brown.

She has written hundreds of articles, made short and long-form films for broadcast and digital, and has reported for radio and TV.

Selected work

The part of my dad that dementia can’t take

How did the last Neanderthals live? 

Why the way we talk to children really matters

The strange idea that we are not in control of our minds

Latest News

Leading BBC Reel, Melissa Hogenboom and the team have won several recent industry awards, including best video team from the Drum Awards and Six Telly Awards, including Gold for her documentary series: Do we have free will?

My Book

The Motherhood Complex will be published 21 May 2021 by Little, Brown (Hachette) in the UK. Translation rights have been sold to the Netherlands and South Korea.

“If this is the kind of eccentric cultural mini-doc BBC Reel is hoping to specialise in, it should be applauded.

The Times (writing about ‘The Beautiful Dead’)

With wit, erudition and a mastery of her sources, she is the perfect guide to the levels of change in our identity that motherhood brings.”

Holly Harley, Little, Brown

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