The Motherhood Complex

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Long before we even contemplate having a child, biology and society are already pushing us to shape our identity as prospective mothers, whether we go through with it or not. Why does motherhood bring such a dramatic shift that affects so many areas of our lives, from how our brain and body changes, to our relationships and our careers?

The Motherhood Complex is a scientific exploration of what it means to become a mother. BBC science journalist, Melissa Hogenboom examines the biological and psychological changes during pregnancy and motherhood, and how these changes influence a woman’s sense of self.

From exploring the way our brain changes during pregnancy, to the psychological impact of changing physicality, to the intrusion of technology on modern motherhood, Hogenboom reveals how external events and society at large influences mothers.

Interweaving her personal experience as a working mother of two, Hogenboom finally brings the focus on what is so often ignored: the impact that motherhood has on one’s identity.

The Motherhood Complex is a conversation-starting book that uses cutting-edge science to smash the modern myth of maternal perfection.

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With wit, erudition and a mastery of her sources, she is the perfect guide to the levels of change in our identity that motherhood brings.”

Holly Harley, Little, Brown
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